I was six years old when I had my first encounter with a spirit. The spirit was my maternal Grandfather. He had passed away a couple of weeks before I turned two years old. So, I didn’t get much time with him.

This is my story:

I was downstairs in my Grandmother’s basement when this figure came towards me. I was frightened. He told me that I should not be scared at all. That he was merely there to let me know who he is. And that I have a special gift. I immediately ran up the stairs, as if I saw a ghost! In fact….that is exactly what I saw. I told my Mom and Grandmother what just happened and they told me to run off and go play.

Two years passed and my gift became stronger. I was able to describe an event that happened, where it was not possible for me to know or describe people whom I never even met. I asked my Mom about the memory of when I was six years old. And she told me that it was time I found out about my gift. And what I am able to do. I was eight years old. She told me that there was no way that I was able to remember my maternal Grandfather or how he died. But when I was six…..I did just that. I described him and the event of his death. My Mother and Grandmother were in shocked. And then knew that because of the gifts that I had on both sides of my family, it was possible I was gifted too. They waited to talk to me about this till they thought it was time.

Years passed again and I was fourteen when my Mother died of cancer. Two days after her passing I saw her and the end of my bed. Reassuring me that she was safe on the other side. And that she would guide me and talk with me again, knowing my gift I had. Instead I shut the world out. I struggled with the loss of my Mother and my gift for many years.

It wasn’t till 2012, after the passing of my maternal Grandmother, that everything seemed to push me in the direction of working on my gift. And my life purpose. Two days after my Grandmother passed away, I was yet again faced with seeing a spirit. This time it was hers. I asked “Gran? Is that you?”. Her response was “…..Maybe?!” And that was her character. I thought where she was. And she heard my thoughts and said “I am with Mom…” I knew even more how much she missed her daughter, as much as I missed my Mother. And I know they all continue to guide me and watch me grow from the other side.

Since then I have done many workshops and continue to do so with the Sacred Cauldron. Some of the workshops include, Mediumship, Shamanic Healing, Chakras and pendulum. I have psychic abilities, knowledge of Twin Flames and soulmates. And do tarot readings. I have been giving readings over the years and love being able to connect to your loved ones. It is a gift I am truly grateful and thankful for every day. And I look forward to continuing to expand my abilities and gain knowledge of all kinds of subjects.

In love and light always,