Twin Flames/Soulmates/Kindred Spirits

Twin Flame Journey

Happy New Year!!

It all happened long ago. But I can not disclose much information about my journey as it is a sacred one. So, I will tell you what I can.

I found out who my twin flame was just over a year ago. I did my spiritual journey work and spoke with some mediums I know. And they validated to me what I somehow already knew. Who it was. Now, I never expected it to be a person I already knew for many years. But, that’s just it. The answer may just surprise you once you find out….or so I was told. And it did just that!

Our journey has been a long one so far. Twin flame journeys are not like any other relationships. The person mirrors you. They are opposites and the same of you, at the same time. They go through similar or almost identical paths like you, in their own life. Not always at the same time in life. As Twin flames, we are on the physical plain at the same time for a reason. We all have our own life purpose individually. But for Twin flames we also have a purpose to do together.

When I first saw my Twin flame, I had a feeling like I already knew him before we met. A feeling of familiarity.  When you look into your Twin flames eyes it is if you are staring into your very own soul. This could be a quite intense feeling. There is a sense of unconditional love when you connect.

I have felt my Twin flame inside. As their soul and mine are one. Twin flames souls are split in two. We are embers of the same energy. We are embers of the same star dust. We all have a Twin flame. It is just whether they are here on the physical plain with us during the same lifetime or not? That is the question. I have had many lifetimes with my Twin flame. And recently midway through 2017, I had a memory from the last lifetime we had together. It was quite emotional, as I felt I was reliving the pain I felt back then….

Your Twin flame will feel your emotions whether they are positive or negative. With each feeling, they are amplified due to this connection. You are emphatically connected to them as they are to you. If you are sad and you do not know why or have any reason for this feeling, it could be your Twin flame you are feeling. When I first knew about this I thought, “Well, my Twin must think he is crazy because of the emotions I feel going through this journey!” You see, I am the spiritual one between the two of us. I am the one who knows who he is. But, he does not know who I am to him. Once you know who is your Twin flame, it is utmost that you do not tell your Twin about this connection!! Rather, allow them to figure it out on their own. It’s like, if you gave the answer to a question in an exam or lesson, how is the other person receiving this answer to know why the answer is what it is?

My Twin flame had left our two daughters and myself in the last lifetme. He walked away saying that he does not deserve us. I was heartbroken. I felt that pain my soul had already gone through. I felt the heartbreak. I had asked my mentor, who is a medium herself; why I remembered this memory? Why did I feel this pain again if my soul had already gone through it? And she told me it was because I needed to remember. I needed to know why. Because I was always searching for an answer to a question I had.

Twin flames are telepathically connected as well. So, my Twin flame hears my voice inside his head, as I hear his. We are in each others dreams, whether we remember those dreams or not. Many Twin flames share or have the same reoccurring dreams.

With a Twin flame you will also see signs and synchronicities a lot more. You will see patterns, birthdates, and even the same numbers that have always surrounded or were with you both during your life. Seeing 11:11 or 111 is one of the most common numbers to see. As it is a reminder that union is to happen.

Most Twin flames are in separation and only when it is time for union, will you be with them. But separation is also because either you or your Twin flame are or have felt overwhelmed by this connection that you or they chose not to be in union in this lifetime. This is what the runner Twin flame will do. I guess my Twin flame felt it was too much for him during the last lifetime, and this is why he walked away back then. But, in this lifetime he has so far chosen not to do this again. Which I am grateful for!

Twin flames are like a magnet. A push and pull it will feel like when you both are to heal. This is not fun to go through. As you or your Twin flame will feel like you are going crazy! But once you both heal what you need to heal, the permanence union can occur.

With Twin flames there are runners and chasers. If you feel like you connect with being the chaser and your Twin flame is the runner, then you may experience things like I have. My Twin flame is the runner. When he runs from something, it is because I am running from the same thing. It is when I stop chasing, that he will stop running. It is often said that we should not think of runners and chasers, as it will keep us in that state. We are to simply not think this and not chase or run. But face whatever fears we are running from. Remember, our Twin flame will mirror us. This period can last quite a long time until a Twin stops doing this.

A Twin flame journey is not an easy journey. You will go through waves of emotions and it will be tough. Only some get through to the next step towards union. You have to have inner strength and courage, and not easily give up. This is who I am. I do not give up. And when I do, it is not for longer than a day. I just can’t give up on things I desire or want to achieve. I am a warrior. Every time I have been kicked down, I just get right back up, dust myself off. And continue getting through the obstacles, the challenges and whatever else comes my way. By doing this, I am helping my Twin flame do the same. Both of us determined to reach our goals.

There are times where I thought about giving up on this Twin flame journey, but I just can’t do it! Not when we are so close….

We have passion, a strong connection, unconditional love and a deep bond with our Twin flame. It is our will and our intentions that will also determine if we are wanting the union or not. And this has to be with each Twin not just one. Both Twins have to chose soulfully for the other. If you desire someone and then desire someone else, then you have not soulfully chosen to be with your Twin flame. This is my opinion only on that.

So, for now this is what I can tell you.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this and knowing a bit about Twin flames and the journey. I will blog about this again sometime soon. Till then…..

In love and light always,


“You and I are embers of the same fire, we are dust from the same star, we are echoes of the same love.” – Creig Crippen

“I am in you, you are in me, mutual divine love.” – William Blake




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