You are a fighter

Some times in life we receive news that are good. But, some times, they aren’t so good…..these can be one of those times.

One day we are just going about our day and we receive a phone call or a message. It’s one we do not look forward to receiving. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, it’ll happen whenever.

About 6 yrs ago, I got a phone call just like this one. My boss told me, that she had news she was not wanting to give me. And like the fiery person I am, I told her….just give it to me! I was having a tough day that day, because I just got injured at work and was in so much pain. My boss slowly told me that a co-worker I had worked with so closely had just died. My heart broke. This co-worker had just hurt herself on the ice, in her driveway earlier that winter. I had told her that my opposite wrist from hers had gotten a hair line fracture years prior. So I knew the pain she must have felt. A pain that would come and go with every rainfall and cold winter. A pain called rheumatoid arthritis. Something that happened with past injuries, like ours as one example.

In that early month of Feb 2012, I had seen her on her way down to her department. I had been moved to my old department within the store a few months prior. She walked by me and said “Good Morning!” like she usually did on her way down. And we chatted for a bit. I asked how her wrist was doing from the fall she had on her driveway and she told me about the pain she had continued to fight. She then said she had to head on downstairs and I told her to have an amazing day, aside from her pain, and she told me to do the same. She had gotten sick a few days later. And stayed home for a bit. And a few days after that, I got injured at work. That day we chatted was the last day I would ever see her little did I know.

Five days later after my injury, she left the physical world. She died of an aneurysm.

A few years ago, another friend who was a co-worker (at the same company) I used to work with, passed away. I found out this through a Facebook post. She left behind a husband and a one year old daughter. And she lost her fight to cancer. I remembered the last thing I told this friend. And that was, “Keep fighting!! I know you will win this battle and have that family you always dreamed of having!” Little did I know that was the last time I saw her. She had fought a long time and for a while, I had no idea what she was battling. Till one day sh told me…..

Earlier this winter, we received 50 centimeters of snow or more within two days. I had gone out to see if one of my neighbors could help me get my car out of the snow. But while out we were out there, we saw another neighbor plowing more snow that he had just finished plowing. This being because the city plow trucks had just dumped more snow on his walk way that he just did. I asked my neighbor who helped me, to please go help him with shoveling, as I could not due to my injury. We all started to chat outside. It was nice. But we then found out that he has been fighting cancer for about 10 years. And so this freshly dumped snow was not going to get the best of him. He told us that he is giving up on doing anymore chemo treatments. And instead wants to live out his life however he wants. I told him, “Keep fighting! My Mom had cancer and fought for a long time too!!” I saw it gave him happiness to know that someone can fight for so long.

Last summer, I reconnected with an old friend. And last week he had a type of aneurysm. Luckily he caught it before it got too serious. But today, I found out how close it is to being much more serious than he previously expected. And now he too is fighting….

The people we have lost will never be forgotten. We keep them alive in our memories and in our hearts. They showed us what strong fighters they were no matter how short or long they fought. And to the ones that continue to fight, they show us that even when they may have no more energy to fight, they continue to do so.

We fight for what we believe in, we fight for our rights. We fight for love, no matter what it may cost us or how long it may take. We fight for reasons some may understand and others may not. And we fight to live…..

We all battle something whether someone sees it or not. We all go through our tough days, some more than others. And it doesn’t matter how long we battle. A battle is a battle. We all have inner strength inside ourselves. And losing a battle does not mean that some have more inner strength than others. It is that strength that whispers to us “You got this. Keep going!”

Today, I also saw a post that someone I knew was having a tough day….but when he bumped into a neighbor, he found out, that the older gentleman had just found out he has cancer. Made my friend’s bad day seem not so bad when in comparison to his neighbor’s. We all have tough days. It is not till we hear or read about someone else’s tougher day or life that we look at our own life and see how good we really have it. No matter what the fight is, there’s a warrior in you. So, you got this! Keep going! I believe and have faith in you. I know you can get through it! So don’t give up!!

In love and light always,


“Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones that always fight.” – unknown author



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