If only you really knew

There are times where we are faced with decisions and choices in life. It could be concerning our health and well being or it could be as small as….”Hmmm what should we have for dinner?” For everyone no matter what the topic is, we are faced with deciding on what to do.

When I was in high school (which was not that long ago might I add), we did not have phones to hide behind and text someone things like “will you be my date to the prom?”, or “will you go out with me?”. It was simply, writing a letter and have the guts to give it to them, or talk to them in person. Not easy back then. And if not, we just didn’t say anything.

Nowadays we have simply become more involved with using technology, and less, shall I say “opening our mouths”. We hide behind the screens, the emojis, and can not see someone’s actual face reaction, unless they “face time” or video us. That’s if they want to! Times have changed, yes, I know. We rely so much on hiding behind a screen though, that we are hiding from our true emotions. And for what? Fear of rejection, that we think may come in a better way? Fear of not knowing how it will go? Fear if we will get the job? Or will I have to move? These are the people we want to be with. Give it a go and see if things work out. These are the jobs we desire, or places we want to move to. Or the people we connect with. And instead….we hide.

I know how you feel and what you are doing. I had hide my thoughts for so many years for fearing what people may think or react about it, that I was hiding from my true self. Well, I changed that last summer. Or so I thought. This was around the time when the Solar eclipse was in Leo. You see, I did in fact stop hiding my thoughts. But….then again. I didn’t. I have been hiding my true emotions, pertaining to a personal matter. For fear of so many things. It’s scary to not know what the outcome could be. Or that a fear will come true. And yet, all this time, some of us long to say something. But choose not to.

If you are “old school” like me, you write in a journal or letters. This is how I have hidden my emotions. On paper. Not too brilliant might I add (for the reason that someone might read them). But stay with me here! We write things out to get them out of in the open. But, then we do not share it. We keep thoughts in our heads and drive ourselves crazy at times. Instead of talking to someone about them. But, why? What if you were to share your emotions with a caring heart? What if you were to take that risk? What if only they knew…..
I have felt great strength within my soul. I have had the courage to do things I would never have done. And I have been asked about some things and never lied. Yet, my knees unbuckle and at the same time I feel very comfortable, I still fear. Confusing that sounds, I know.

If we do not share our thoughts and ideas, we can miss opportunities. If we do not share our emotions, we can stay stuck. I have heard from so many people, “If only I said something”, “If only I showed I cared more”, “If only they knew…”. It is when we think things like this, that we should speak about our emotions. Instead of bottling it up inside, or keep hidden. Now think if you were never given the opportunity again. Would you be okay living with that decision? That choice. What happens if there was not another chance to see that person again. You still okay with not saying anything?

You only get to live life once. So, don’t hold anything back. If you have questions, ask them. If you have a thought or an idea, say it. If you have emotions, don’t keep them inside. Talk to someone. It’s not healthy to keep everything in.

Wouldn’t it be better to get it out?

In Love and Light,



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