Something to share

I recently took a trip out west this past July. I took it because I needed to heal from some pain I had kept in for 20 yrs. I also took it because I needed to tell my family something I kept hidden. Something I wanted to share with them. I went out with my Dad alone one Sunday afternoon. Just to have that Father, Daughter, time. I was ready to tell him. Little did I know….he knew for many years what I had a very hard time to tell him.

I struggled to come out with the words, but slowly I built up the courage, took that leap of faith and told him. I am a Medium. I looked into his eyes and saw that once I told him….nothing had changed. I saw the love that he still had. The love of a Father towards his Daughter. And he was fascinated by what I had to say. Even asked questions!

I can somehow hear and see your past loved ones. I have had my gift since I was six years old. I do not know how I can say things or know things, that I shouldn’t know, without being there. I do not know how I can know your exact childhood toy, that you loved to play with, in the fifties. I do not know how I know your Mother or your Father, without meeting them. But…..I do know.

Telling my Dad about this was hard for me to do. I didn’t know if he would accept me, knowing this about me. I didn’t know if he would think I am crazy! Or freak out because this was/is too overwhelming for him. Telling my Dad this and finding out that he has known for many years, waiting for me to tell him; has been very lifting. It was hard for me to tell him, because for the past twenty years he has been my only parent I have. We may not be biologically linked, but, we are Father and Daughter. I needed and wanted his approval. This is who I am.

This hasn’t changed the friendships I have. Nor the love I have with my family. It is still me. The me that so many have known. This was the secret I kept in for years. For fearing how my friends and family would react. Skeptic or not, I accept you for who you are. And I love you just the same.

I thank the ones I told and never walked away from me. Thank you to the person I told; that even though they have a difference of opinion/belief, they don’t look at me any different then how they did since we were kids in high school together.

I’ve had a difficult path my whole life. This was just another challenge for me to get through. To share my gift with others. Something I believe I was meant to do and love doing. Part of my life purpose. This is my gift.

And I look forward to sharing my gift with you….

In love and light always,


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