Is the past still scaring you today….?

Many times we have made mistakes and choices that were not right for us. But it may have been the right choice we made, at that time. We learn life lessons from our experiences. Each one different from the other. Some having similarities. And from these life lessons, we spiritually grow.

For some we have to relearn some lessons. For others we have learnt from it and move onto the next lesson.

There are experiences we have gone through that are tough and painful. And this is what I would like to speak with you about….

In the past we may have had many relationships, ones that left us heartbroken. And it is that pain that we carry into the next relationship, if we have not healed from it. If someone left you, you fear you will be abandoned again. If someone cheated on you, you fear you will be cheated on again. If someone had lied and deceived you, you have trust issues you have to heal from. The person you are in a relationship is not the same person that did those things to you in the past. You must let go of the past and learn to trust that things will not happen again. Have faith in yourself and in the relationship. If you fear of failure, then you will fail.

The law of attraction states that we attract whatever it is we think and focus on. Whether it would be wanted or not.  We are powerful manifestors and what we think and speak is what we are asking for. Because we can bring things into existences. So, if you focus on the relationship to fail, then it is doomed to fail. If you focus on the love and positive aspects of the relationship, then you will attract more good.

Fear not the past repeating itself. But rather focusing on not repeating the past patterns and choices you have made.  Give the relationship a chance to grow. You never know where it will lead you both to. If you are giving the relationship another go at it, then learn from the past. When you might have said or did something that did not work out so well. And change it. If you have been given a second chance to a relationship, try not to screw it up! Learn from your past mistakes. And leave the past in the past.

Maybe you are scared because for once, someone actually wants to be with you! And why the hell not?! Stop thinking of all the negative reasons why they shouldn’t want to be with you. And focus on the positive ones why they should want to. If for any reason, the person chooses not to be with you, accept it, and know it just was not meant to be.

Maybe you are scared because so many times it never worked out for you. But maybe it is this person that it will work out for you….if you just give it a chance and have faith in it and them.

We all have a journey we are on. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is a coincidence! Your life, your choices.

It just all starts with a single step….

In love and light,


“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.” – Steve Maraboli

“You know I’m scared, and I know you are scared too. But the miracle is that despite the terrifying tragedies that have plagued our mending hearts, we are still trying, we are telling each other that we are worth the risk. In the midst of the catastrophes falling all around us….we are still us.” – Chrissie Pinney

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