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Seeing is believing

There are many times where I have seen things before they happen. I see them in my mind’s eye. I do not say what I see, and then within no much time passes of what I saw, happened.

These are called visions. Some of us may have these when we are in awake state. I have had visions since I was a child. Never really knowing what I was seeing was real or not. As I got older, I understood that these were visions. I would receive these visions as a sort of a heads up or what will happen, if actions are not changed. I have visions for others as well as myself. And my visions seem to manifest almost to the exact way I saw it happening. Some times the visions and the reality are slightly different, but not too much.

There are times where the visions I see are about death. I have had visions of the year my maternal grandmother passing away before her death. And of a few other family members death year or age of when they will be passing. This is something I can not stop or control as much as I want to or even tried with my grandmother.  I tried with her because like every grandchild, they want their grandparent living, so they can see them and spend time with them.

I was very close to my maternal grandmother. After my Mom’s passing in 1997, my grandmother helped raise me. She was there when I confided in her. She listened and gave me tips and advice. A woman to another. I needed that maternal figure and often looked to my grandmother mostly for help. She became my rock after my Mother died. And was till her end of days.

I receive visions whenever. Doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. They come whenever they do. I do not force a vision, as I do not want them to be whatever I think, but what ever it is meant to be seen through my third eye. I also have premonitions. Those are visions of the future. Visions for me can happen with a few hours or days or weeks. Premonitions for me are when it is more than a month in timing. This is just had I differ from the two in my own way.

I do not know how these visions start. I do not know what each one will be until I see it. I do not know sometimes the timing. Or who it is about, other than maybe gender and younger or older feeling of energy with in regards to the vision. These visions can continue reoccurring until they manifest. This is when I know they will happen without a doubt.

We often see things as we want them to appear or be. In this case, sometimes I see things that I wish would not happen. But this is not my control. I do not know why I have the ability of premonitions and visions. I have often wondered the same thing. I ask myself, “Why am I lucky to have this ability? What makes me so special?” And the answer I only know is…..because I was chosen. There are times where I hear “Tell them….tell them the message.” And that is when I do. There are times where I hear, ‘do not give the message. This is just for you to know and be there for the souls that need healing.”

I used to think I’m crazy cause I saw things, I heard things and yet no one was around me! I thought I was losing it! Until I join a community that helped me understand that this was a gift. All my abilities are gifts. That I was chosen to be this way to help and heal souls. It is just something I am good at receiving and doing. I see things without my two eyes but in my mind’s eye. And most times clear as day. I see situations, events, people, etc. I am very grateful for all my abilities. Visions and premonitions, seem to work together with the many clair abilities I have as well.

The visions I have received have been about people I know and some I do not know. Again, I have no control of who they are about.

I often have visions of things to come, like for example, events. And outcomes of situations. Death included. At first I often doubt what I see or hear. I often question is it real what message I am receiving or am I crazy? And then I question again, like I always do, “why am I receiving this message? Why me?” And the answer is….just because, I can. I was chosen.

I am not alone. There are others who have this ability. And possibly more abilities like I have as well.

It has been a few years where I started to believe what I saw and heard was real. Because the visions I saw happened, they became into reality. I do not dwell or think about the visions or premonitions I see. I just accept what I see and move on with my life. If needing to speak up about the vision I do. “Seeing is believing. Believing is seeing.” I only wish that you can all see what I see. Because sometimes my visions are just incredibly beautiful.

In love light always,


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