I’ll hold you forever

There is a day that is marked on our calendars every year. A day where we celebrate Mothers.

For some, we celebrate it to those that have raised us, or are there for us as a Mother role model or figure. For others, it is a day we remember those that are not with us.

Our Mothers have been there with us to hold our hand when we cross the street, when we take our first steps, when we start our first day of school, when we graduate, when we get married, and when have our own children.

I did not get that much time with my Mother here on Earth. She was a single Mom and raised me the best she could. She was my rock, the one I always turned to for everything, the one who taught me so many things, and the one I shared my secrets with. I may have missed out on so many things and events in my life where she was not here, but I was lucky because I did get her for a period of time. To that I am truly grateful for. No, she wasn’t there to see me graduate, or get married and see my children be born and grow up. But, she was there for a lot of other first things. And I had women that continued to raise me as their own, to continue what she was teaching me.

A Mother may not be the actual women that raised us, but a woman that raises us along with our own Mothers. They are the ones that are there to help us grow and teach us  things we may not know. They are the ones that watch us, when our parents are at work, and the ones we run to when our Mothers are no longer with us.

I may not have my Mother with me, but I did have women that helped raised me. And that continue to teach me things that she has not or wasn’t that able to teach me. To them and all of you, I wish you a Happy Mother’s day. And hope you all have a wonderful day.

In love and light always,


“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” – Robert Munch


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